Sunday, May 2, 2010

Moi, On the Radio!

Brian Lehrer on WNYC did a segment on Time's publication of their list, The One Hundred Most Influential Thinkers and asked listeners to phone in their own nominee for Most Influential Thinkers category. I actually got on and didn't even sound too much like an idiot!!! Naturally I nominated Joe Romm, and his blog,, at about 5:12 if you click on this recording.
Seriously I am ever grateful to JR for his blog and loyal commenters, the Romm'n'Legions. If it wasn't for this loosely-knit community of climate-change savants, my journey to enlightenment would have been unbearably, excruciatingly lonely.


  1. Short and sweet! :-) Well done Gail.

  2. oh thank you Icarus! I was truly amazed I didn't blather on and become a laughingstock!


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