Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arctic Next?

Oily Message For BP and Administration by Greenpeace USA 2010
Greenpeace activists took a stand on the ship the Harvey Explorer to send a message to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on May 24, 2010. Harbor police talk to Scott Cardiff as he holds a banner reading " Salazar Ban Arctic Drilling" as part of the protest. The activists used oil from the spill to paint the message “Arctic Next?” on the bridge of the ship, which is scheduled to depart for Alaska to support drilling operations in July.

Arctic Drilling Next? Hell No!

Tell Secretary Salazar to Just Say "No" to Shell's Alaska Drilling:


This blog has amazing screenshots and video of the "leak" in the Gulf.

And here is a first-hand account of oil burbling out from beneath the sand on the beach, and intimidation of the press, with local police acting on orders from BP!

This slideshow from this interview is stunning.

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