Friday, May 7, 2010


Oh look! A sycamore in California! Found by RPauli....

Oh, and trees are dying in Massachusetts too! Thanks to Susan for spotting this crucially important story. The Shade Tree Trust is threatening litigation, blaming underground gas leaks for dying trees! They did an inventory and found millions of dollars worth of damage to trees in several towns. Click here for their slideshow of photos. This is tremendously exciting to me. I knew it was just a matter of time for somebody's pocketbook to start hurting enough that people would take note that trees are dying in vast numbers.

It's just kind of funny that they think the reason is underground gas leaks. Look up, people! Look around! Trees aren't just dying in towns with gas pipes underground! They are dying out in the woods at the exact same rate, with the exact same symptoms of decline - from exposure to ozone!!

Ah well, I have written to the lawyer quoted in the article. I'm hopeful this could be the beginning of bringing the discussion to a whole new level.

Update: While looking for the video to the article linked to above, I came across another story of a person killed by a falling tree. That's 2 this week. Here's the video, and for good measure, I found another about 2 trees crushing a house.

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