Sunday, May 2, 2010

BP Invigorate

After checking on the status of the spreading oil first thing this morning, I left my usual comment at

"It is ironic in a way that people are so agitated about this oil spewing from beneath the ocean and fouling the water and air, because oil fouls the water and air every day anyway, when we burn it in our cars, trucks and planes. It just isn’t so visible, because it turns into invisible gases, like CO2, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide.

But just because these gases are invisible, doesn’t mean they are aren’t every bit as toxic as this oil “spill.” In fact ozone is pure poison and causes cancer, emphysema, and asthma. It also damages vegetation and causes billions of dollars in crop losses every year. On top of that, ozone is killing trees of all species, all ages, in every habitat. Just take a look at them! The foresters beholden to the timber industry blame insects, disease and fungus but the fact is the trees are so weakened by exposure to ozone that they cannot fight off natural pests.

If people don’t wake up – and soon – to the consequences of burning fossil fuels we are going to have a world without fruit, nuts, wood, and shade. And of course, removing a major carbon sink will increase average global temperature rise and violent weather."

And then, being as how BP is in the news, I googled them and came across this article which is about the mysterious additive they put into their gasoline and makes the ominous warning I have highlighted in blue:

"This is where only speculation holds just but the reasoning is still logical. If BP is using the same formula that is found in Shell's Enriched formula, it's a very high probability the solution is a derivative of bio fuels. If it is, there is a high chance this fuel additive may be an amide of a free fatty acid which is made from increased recent agriculture developments. Amides of a free fatty acid are less powerful bases that are pretty stable and are great lubricants, but yield fungi growth and destroy painted and plastic surfaces. Should this formulation contain an amide of free fatty acid, it's gets worse. The burning affect of this type of fuel releases NxOy which is 200 times worse than Co2 and will return to the earth as falling rain. If the ugly is the truth, there will be some major discoveries that could possibly point to "nitrogen" fuels as the culprit."

I promptly left this comment:

This is of great interest to me. In the summer of 2008 I noticed that the leaves of every species of tree, of every age, in every habitat, were wilted. In the fall, needles started falling off pine trees. The damage to vegetation since then has continued and in fact is accelerating. Now, it is impossible to find a tree that doesn't have broken branches, splitting bark, cankers, and other symptoms of exposure to toxic greenhouse gases. I can't find anybody who is seriously researching the connection between fuel composition and tree decline. If anyone has information please leave a comment at where I post photographs and links to scientific publications. Thanks.

Here is the reference as preferred by the author of the article quoted from, and linked to, above:
Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner, "What is BP Invigorate?"
URL for Tampa Sports Car Examiner:

URL for article headline:


  1. Joni's song was new (about '72) when I got into a conversation with this gentleman in a donut shop. He explained that he was a petroleum salesman and together we investigated a foible. The detergent in gasoline not only cleans the engine a little, it also makes it possible for gasoline and water to mix. So detergent in gasoline is there to prevent the separation of water and gasoline. 'Cleaning the engine' is mostly advertising. Water poured gently down the carburetor works equally well.

    The gasoline company doesn't care a hoot about how clean your engine is, but it was keenly interested in being able to mix a little water, either by accident or by design, into the pump blend. Detergent prevents the water and gasoline from separating overnight so your car will run in the morning. (Water is heavier than gasoline.)

    So if Invigorate cleans engines, it also makes it possible for BP to mix in some water. Water is a common inert ingredient in all alcohols. So they can blame the ethanol supplier if there's extra water. The article suggests it is a special formula. But there's nothing new about mixing some lead in with the gold. Crooked traders have been doing it for millennia.

  2. But is the detergent the same as the nitrogen? Shell is definitely adding it, they say so on their signs.


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