Saturday, May 8, 2010

Calculating the Cost

The "cost" of this "spill" is incalculable, because "cost" implicitly assumes something can eventually be "bought." We will never be able to "buy" back what is being lost in this travesty. It is gone forever...these ecosystems will never return, intact, or even a shadow of what once existed - there is no remediation. Any talk of costs is sheer desperation. Wait out the advertisement - the video is worth waiting for. From Des.

Update: my comment at Climate Progress Post: BP dealt setback

For what it’s worth, my take is that we can do no more than be spectators at a slow-moving train wreck. There is no stopping it. There is no remediation. What’s more, it is a metaphor, as alluded to by Al Gore’s article linked to on an earlier post here at CP, for the plight of our planetary ecosystems from the much vaster, if less dramatic, impacts of emissions from burning oil products.

I feel like I am watching a bunch of puny, ineffectual and petty moths frantically struggling to escape being fatally singed by the flame they are helplessly attracted to.

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