Monday, August 25, 2014

Like Nothing Ever Seen Before

I don't know why, but I never heard of Natalie Merchant until today when this song was posted on Facebook.  It is perhaps the most mournfully prophetic song imaginable, and beautiful.  It evokes the tragic inevitability of what we can see but cannot stop.  Apparently, there's much more.  Lyrics below.

It’s a-coming.
Wild fires, dying lakes,
landslides, hurricanes,
apocalypse in store
like nothing ever seen before.
It’s a-coming.
Third-generation refugees,
street mob burning effigies,
revolution, civil war
like nothing ever seen before.
It’s a-coming.
Pale-horse rider come,
blistered by the morning sun,
tell about what he can see,
crystal ball of mercury.
It’s a-coming. It’s gonna come.
Jungle slashed and jungle burned,
the monkeys and the painted birds
climb the vines, the limbs and leaves,
the lungs that let the whole world breathe.
It’s a-coming.
All the ones that failed to thrive,
starved out and buried alive,
something evil, something free,
It’s gonna come.
Space Race, the old Cold War,
atom bomb was gonna settle the score.
You wait and see. It’s a long time coming
but it’s a-coming. It’s gonna come.
Third-generation refugees,
street mob burning effigies,
revolution, civil war
like nothing ever seen before.
Like nothing ever seen before.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Library is Now Open


Just for amusement (and possible utility) I have created an Apocalypsi Library...a Map of the Doomosphere...which is now open to the public for reading, borrowing, browsing, commenting and contributions (not monetary - ideas and links).  Enjoy!  And no need to keep your voices down.  Make all the noise you like!

Portal HERE.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


For family reasons I have been stuck on Cape Cod for two weeks.  I do not like it here.  It is impossible to go anywhere without being trapped in traffic, it feels suffocating.  There are so obviously too many people sprawling heedlessly over this fragile sandy space, I sense a nasty shift in my perception of humanity - no longer a detached fondness for a failed and somewhat comically doomed species, but rather, increasing revulsion towards a seething, wriggling mass of shiny maggots.  Enjoy this short trailer, it is heartbreakingly tragic (for best quality, go to the film website).

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