Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Man Who Understands Trees


  1. He says "we did it to ourselves'. Not true. It was advertising, with all of its devious techniques, that made people want things they didn't really need, and manufacturing these things, and transporting them, has really started to destroy our environment. But his approach is excellent and I hope everyone sees his video. I laughed, I cried.

    When I looked for the tree rings, although they were easy to see when the tree was first cut down, were now invisible, smeared together from the moisture coming out of the stump.


  2. Hey Catman.

    We did it to ourselves in the sense that we should a been could a been, smart enough to see through the advertising.

    The entire notion that when you get depressed, go shopping, is so bogus on the face of it, and yet how many (including me at one point) embraced it?

    I appreciate your photos and will try to get them posted in the next day or two!


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