Thursday, July 24, 2014

Forsaken Places

Wit's End is primarily about the subject of trees dying prematurely from air pollution, and so most of the images on the blog are of damaged foliage and trees falling on houses and so forth.  At the same time, I am very fond of taking photos of abandoned farms, cemeteries and other scenes of evocative loss, which I love for their atmosphere of decay.  This collection of pictures - of deteriorating buildings and cars, where nature is reclaiming the ephemeral detritus of human civilization - is taken from earlier posts at Wit's End (for another project in the works).  To jump to the last post about trees (There Goes the Neighborhood!) click here.

A trip through South Carolina in December 2013, posted as Against the Ruin of the World.

From south Jersey, a treasure of cars forgotten behind a barn, posted July 2014 in There Goes the Neighborhood

This neglected New Jersey farm was part of the post The Human Volcano

This photograph is from the post Ungentle Ministrations
These two photos are from western New Jersey, posted in A Dream of Trees

The pictures that follow were taken in Pennsylvania, on my way home from the 2013 Age of Limits Conference, posted at Our Revels Have Now Ended.

These photos are from central Pennsylvania, posted at Nature Debauched.

These pictures were taken in 2012 in West Virginia, posted at Afterthoughts.

The following photos were taken around Monmouth Park, the site of a battlefield in the Revolutionary War, posted in Overshot.

This ramshackle barn is in Whitehouse, NJ not far from Wit's End.  Photos posted in No One Knows Where This Will Lead

I passed this relic when I was lost in Kentucky, trying to find Daniel Boone National Park.  Posted in We Fell From a Dying Tree - ἀσφοδελὸν λειμῶνα (Asphodel Meadow)

Rural northwestern New Jersey, on a trip to High Point State Park, posted in Subdue the Satanic Wilderness, Intoxicated with Barbarism

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