Friday, May 7, 2010

The March to Mass Extinction

As humans are clever and innovative enough to design and build this amazing technological feat
and this one
and this...WHY are there so many objections to, and delays - paralysis! - in the transition to clean, renewable energy - which is essential for our survival???
Oops, I forgot. Obscene corporate profits are to be made only with dirty, non-renewable sources of energy. And corporations only look at the ledger sheet, not at the future. The loss of biodiversity isn't reflected anywhere in their calculations.
More bridges can be found by clicking here.
Let us ask ourselves, what the hell are we doing??
Dismayed by dwindling numbers, some experts say tiger farming can stem the burgeoning illegal trade in the endangered cat's pelts, bones and body parts but others argue that this will only fuel demand.
There are all too many links to stories about our march to mass extinction here.

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