Saturday, May 8, 2010

How I Hate Them!!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I stumbled on this website, which is funded and run by climate criminals masquerading as scientists. They have a bunch of links to research papers that purportedly refer to climate changing CO2 as "carbon enrichment" and polluting ozone as "beneficial"! I kid you not!

They are hosting a conference in Chicago this month that will offer presentations from a gaggle of evil lying sons of bitches. Here's the list. I would love to go with a bunch of other people, all dressed up like TVMOB with his pith helmet, cane, and googly eyes, to disrupt it!! Just for fun...
I try to stay away websites hosted by dangerous cretins like these because their very breath fouls the air. I know they exist because I read about them in other places. Finding that website was like walking along in the dark and falling into a latrine.


Following is how they describe a dvd they are peddling:

"What effect does the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) have on the earth's biosphere? This question is posed to a number of leading scientists in The Greening of Planet Earth, an enlightening documentary that examines one of the most misunderstood environmental phenomena of the modern age.

The Greening of Planet Earth examines the role that CO2 plays as one of nature's basic building blocks of life in the process of photosynthesis and the evolution of the earth's biosphere. Evidence is presented to show how current CO2 levels, which are 30 percent higher than in the pre-industrial era, have greatly enhanced the growth of trees and other plants. Results from controlled studies show how a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is expected to occur over the next century, will increase crop yields by 30 to 40 percent, double the water-use efficiency of most of the earth's vegetation and possibly triple the productivity of forests. The impact and implications of such change are far-reaching."

This is infuriating for so many reasons! Why should the fact that CO2 increases plant growth be good for them? When humans ingest extra calories and get fat, is that good for their long-term health? OF COURSE NOT! And why should the fact that the plants do not release the normal amount of water when CO2 levels rise be good for them? Would it be good for people if they couldn't sweat the normal amount in the heat? OF COURSE NOT!

And that leaves aside completely the impacts of the "other" greenhouse gases, which create ozone, a proven toxin for vegetation.

Oh I am just disgusted with these utter charlatans!

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