Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bird's Eye View of Ground Zero


  1. Electric motors often produce O3. So electric cars will produce some level of ozone. Are there pollution standards for all-electric automobiles?

    Wikipedia completely agrees with you about the effects of ozone on plants. As usual, the US standards 75 ppb is quite a bit looser than the 51 ppb that the World Health Organization recommends.

  2. I think it's possible there is ozone, and then there is ozone. It appears to be a soup of various gasses, hydrofluorocarbons, heavy metals, particulate matter, and who knows what else.

    Whatever the mix, something about it is lately causing massive, rapidly accelerating damage to all forms of vegetation.

    I would very much like someone more qualified than I am to figure it out, in the vague hope we can stop it.

    Just today, I saw all sorts of annuals for sale in front of the local grocery store, and the all had dead leaves hanging.

    This does not bode well at all, especially considering last summer's failed crops (blamed on fungus, insects, disease, and weather).


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