Sunday, May 9, 2010

How We Wrecked the Ocean

What is fascinating to me is that, towards the end, he uses the image of dying trees to illustrate the collapse of the coral reefs, when I typically use the image of dying coral reefs to illustrate the collapse of the forest ecosystem!

Update: New research demonstrates that when herbivorous fish stocks are eaten, seaweed grows unchecked - and chemicals in them kill coral.


  1. Thoroughly depressing. Had to stop it.

    ecosystem desertification
    Name an ecosystem not in collapse.

    All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

    George speaks of the soul but I hear a metaphor for all of the traces of our civilization that will be found in the rock layers by who or what ever, 100s of millions of years in the future. Mass extinction has already begun.


  2. Thanks for the youtube, Catman.

    Boy, if you get to depressed to watch I guess it's pretty bad. It's official - scroll to to bottom of this link...Wit's End is now a designated Doomer blog!


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