Monday, June 15, 2009

the spectacular stupidity of hubris

I have never seen Joe Romm be this glum:

in which he says:

“The time to act is long past.”

my comments (so far) follow:

The only hope I have is that we have enough brilliant scientists that will figure out, within the next 5 years, how to reverse the acidification of the oceans, and remove the CO2 from the atmosphere.

If not, we are careening towards runaway warming that is totally out of control. For sure, species will go extinct, and soon.

Maybe we can save ourselves if we jump on it.

We should emulate the brave Iranians and organize massive marches to demand government action to halt climate change.

I forgot to add, we must develop of course alternative, clean energy sources AND huge plants to desalinate the ocean water.

And recipes to make jellyfish palatable.

To significant other I wrote:

Time to have that talk with the children about reproducing.

Not the one that used to be hard, about the birds and the bees.

The harder one, about how having babies is going to give you the worst sort of grief to watch them starve to death, so maybe, it's not a very good idea.

Terry Gross interviewed Woody Allen on Fresh Air at NPR today. It's worth listening to, for the funnies:

And let me just give another shout out to the brave Iranian students who are willing to risk maiming and death for freedom!

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