Saturday, June 13, 2009

melting ice, flattened coral reefs, endangered species, and prom

Apropos of nothing other than I just got this picture over the intertubes, and it fills me with joy to see youngest daughter Maxine aka "the Brat" so happy in her fantastical gown with yet another Canuck, at his Princeton senior prom. It is critical in these soul-trying times to make note of stuff that is wonderful.

There is a staggering amount of information about the deleterious effects of climate change pouring out from sources all over the globe. I'm posting links to some of the most recent and devastating reports. For a comprehensive overview I recommend again - look in the archives or do a search for topics that you want to learn more about, from there and also you can navigate to many other websites.

Here is just a small sampling of the many truly horrific deluge of reports of terrible terrible news, indicating that if the time to act hasn't already passed, we had jolly well better start acting as though it did, NOW:

Add this to a dangerous tendency for people to gravitate towards fascism when times get really scary and the situation couldn't look more grave for civilized society. Nasty hate-filled bitterz shooting people, cell phones turned off in Iran, the EU election stunner with the right-wing holding sway, are all bad signs for the rule of law.

Another terrific source in general for those who like to watch videos is greenman on youtube, he just put out a new Crock of the Week:

Here's another video debunking denier claims and illustrating beautifully how they deliberately lie about the facts:

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