Thursday, June 4, 2009

comment to greenman video

Greenman has another excellent video rebuttal to climate change deniers, which is here:

Comments are truncated if they go over 500 characters, so here is mine in its entirety:

It is ludicrous to claim that amounts of CO2 in concentrations greater than they have been for past millennia could possibly be beneficial to plants.. To suggest so flies in the face of Darwinian evolution.

Unless you happen to be a Christian fundamentalist, it's simply ignorant to suggest that altering the atmosphere could be anything other than detrimental. Obviously, plants evolved within ecosystems that had a certain balance of precipitation, temperature, and seasonal changes of light, as well as a particular composition of atmospheric gasses. Therefore, if any of those conditions is altered (let alone several or all) those species will no longer occupy the niche to which they are suited and MUST inevitably, ultimately perish when the changes accrue faster than their generational turnover can keep pace with.

This should be obvious even absent the empirical evidence of ecosystem collapse, and a rapidly accelerating mass extinction, which I am documenting from my little corner of the earth at witsendnj dot blogspot dot com.

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