Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Climate change is always followed by mass extinction."

DonExodus2 of Youtube fame gave me this answer with succinct brevity.

Here was what I asked him:

If you accept Darwinian evolution, AND you accept climate change, wouldn’t you expect ecosystems to collapse, since they evolved in a different climate? Isn’t it inevitable that species that are selected to survive in a particular environment aren’t going to survive when that environment is altered faster than they can genetically adapt?

He has a collection of interesting and informative videos here:

And here, my quest has ended after much searching, I have FINALLY found scientific corroboration for vast phenological change due to anthropogenic global warming, thanks to a Dr. Camilla Parmesan at the University of Texas:


"7. Although evolutionary responses have been documented (mainly in insects), there is little evidence that observed genetic shifts are of the type or magnitude to prevent predicted species extinctions."

Here is a typical large old pin oak with bare branches, a sweet white flower, and a tragic variegated dogwood that cost quite a bit of money, with it's leaves pathetically drooping even after days of rain. Damn.

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