Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upper Raritan Watershed Association - Redux

On this delightful balmy spring morning, I hastily made a brief detour down the driveway to URWA headquarters.  I didn't have time to do a side-by-side comparison to pictures in this post from December 2009.
Even so I think it's clear that trees have deteriorated drastically since then...and rather than wondering exactly what is killing them on the preserve and demanding accountability, the esteemed trustees and staff of this "conservation" organization have instead chosen to hack and stack up the evidence that our toxic atmosphere is destroying vegetation.  I'm not a chemist or an atmospheric physicist so I can't say definitively whether it is rising background levels of ozone from coal and oil and gasoline...or maybe methane released from "natural gas" fracking extraction...or possibly peroxyacetyl nitrates from ethanol emissions that is causing plants to die off at a rapidly accelerating rate.  Maybe it's everything mixed together.
But since first daughter (who is getting married next month) has designated me the wedding planner, I have to do stuff like take pictures of shoes and email them to youngest bridesmaid daughter...and so I haven't got time to save the entire planet from famine at the moment...don't you just love those shiny heels?  Besides, how could we resist Ivanka Trump!!


  1. "Maybe it's everything mixed together".
    Yeah, that's it. That and ozone reducing the efficiency of photosynthesis by 20%. The trees and vegetation were winning before ozone. Now, with things out of balance, anything that comes along that can kill a tree or other plant will probably win out over time.

    The pines around here looked like your two photos but about 10 and 5 years ago. Now almost all the pines are lying on the ground or snagged in dying hardwoods. A few survive for now.

    Have fun with the wedding planning!

    Paul Simon will help.

  2. Thanks, that was wonderful!!

    Very danceable too, I'm going to see if we can add it to the playlist.


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