Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PBS reports on Sea Level Rise in Norfolk Virginia...and Goldman Sachs

It's amazing that PBS runs these sickening ads from our corporate masters and still pretends to be independent.  Maybe that is what makes this show so ridiculous.  Here's my comment on it, after a fellow commenter left the link at a Climate Progress post related to the drought in Texas:

paulm, that video “Climate Change at the Doorstep” is hysterically funny and a great example of Richard Pauli’s comments. These people in Norfolk VA are already witnessing the sea rise, and are paying millions (in FEMA dollars!) to raise houses and roads, they’re talking about rebuilding infrastructure like bridges, tunnels and high speed rail, and the Navy is spending tens of millions to redo piers – and it’s all a complete waste!
The couple they interview whose waterfront house has been flooded several times have replaced appliances and heating ducts multiple times and they talk about how “expensive” it is – when obviously, it’s not merely expensive, it’s ultimately just impossible. Talk about cognitive dissonance…
Meanwhile Virginia has Cuccinelli petitioning the EPA to not regulate greenhouse gases, and investigating – no, harassing climate scientist Michael Mann.
One resident who lives further from shore actually says, he doesn’t begrudge tax dollars to adapt to sea level rise but only to a point, because on the other hand, all those people with seaside property never invited him to the dock to have a margarita at sunset…priceless.
Schadenfreude indeed!

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.


  1. Yet another disgusting video from a compromised source, as you so aptly note, Gail. Sea level rise is not an issue for people in the U.S. living on the Coasts.....in the immediate future, but it is a HUGE deal for people living in ...say...Bangladesh. Sorry, but I can't feel for the Norfolk people when this is juxtaposed with that segment.


    You have to love that opening commercial. Sea level rise due to Climate Change brought to you by BP....literally. Yummm....doesn't that Gulf Shrimp look devine!!!!!

  2. And the video you are highlighting is much better evidence for the climate change argument than a record drought in Texas. JR is muddying the waters by pointing to that as proof. It's like pointing to Katrina as proof. I don't trust the guy one bit. He has censored a number of my comments, so I have crossed that place off my list. I think he's a poseur, and I don't believe his sincerity. He's not a person of integrity.

  3. Sand Storm causes 80 car pile up in Northern Germany. A sign of things to come, but I don't want to tie this to Climate Change. I want to tie it to Environmental Degradation and Destruction, and your focus on trees suffering and declining because of Ozone pollution. Without trees, or the abundance of healthy trees, in addition to destructive farming practices, we will see a rise in the Desertification process. This would occur regardless of ACC/AGW, and it is happening now. Think Dust Bowl on a global scale.


  4. The rich soil of the great plains was put there after the last glaciation by wind in the form of great dust storms. This soil used to be 20 feet deep before modern plows. Similar loess deposits exist in China.

    Yes, incredible dust storms have shaped our world.

  5. This is ludicris! I read some of the comments after the presentation & it makes no sense for educated people to dismiss what is really going on in Norfolk! I have witnessed first hand being trapped & cannot go to work for days due to flooding off Tidewater Drive & other neighborhoods. You may not believe that this situation is indeed effecting people whether democrat or republican. We are talking about lives & even after Katrina in New Orleans we just can't bear to admit it! Because of this people may die & another lesson not learned by man!


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