Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glen Beck Exposes the Diva of Doom


  1. Ooo what status !!

    Hey ! I saw my name on the black board !

  2. I looooove it!

    but it is real where?


    susan anderson
    (just so they know who their enemies really all - after all, compassion is a socialist plot!)

  3. A couple of years ago it occurred to me what the greatest unspoken weakness of the modern capitalist system might be. No, IS. Cash flow.

    Corporation positively depend on the timely collection of debts. Now, they might know that, say, 95% of their customers will pay on time, 4.5% will pay late, and 0.5% will not pay at all. It's all figured beforehand so the corporation can pay ITS bills on time.

    What's different today about this system is that ALL of the customers can be in touch with one another via the internet. They can all (well mostly, there's always someone who won't go along) agree to not pay the corporation until certain conditions are met. Kind of like a boycott, but with far greater implications. After a few months of this, the corporation will run completely out of cash and not be able to pay ITS bills.

    Here people are actually using this technique to lower some banks predatory interest rates. But the same technique can be used to fight any soulless corporation. PASS IT ON!
    There must be more than a few soulless corporations.


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