Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lapsed Time

I don't think I need to point out that the pine trees in Spain are unhealthily thin.  But the sky is pure magic.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.


  1. That is a beautiful sky.

    Here's a must see video. I just got done watching it. It's an excellent composition.


  2. Yes, but there's a very simple explanation, offered to me by a refugee from a 3rd world country where they understand how things work, with no illusions.

    After Obama got elected, Dick Cheney had a little talk with him. And he was told, if you don't want to end up like JFK, you are going to play the game the way we want you to.

  3. Everybody dies. What a coward, or what a liar.

  4. Gail, no dice. This thing is much larger and complex than Dick Cheney. That's what the Obamaphiles want to believe so they can let Obama off the hook for his own complicity. Zealous believers in the hierarchy have to find scapegoats in whom to blame all the ills of the world. The Abrahamic religious traditions have Satan to blame, for example. How perfect is that.....and perfectly disempowering.

    Did you watch the video?

    I said this about presidents on another forum. I think this is closer to the truth. They don't have to assassinate presidents these days, because potential presidents are groomed and vetted well in advance, possibly in childhood at this point.

    It is about appearances, plain and simple. Managing perceptions. In the case of Obama, he's "smart", from a perception perspective, in both appearance and fact. I would argue that the only thing that matters in this regard is the perception, and that engaging in debate over the accuracy of Obama's actual intelligence is a wasted effort, because it lends sanction to the perception of Obama as the "Decider." As intelligent individuals, we know that it is not possible for Obama to be the "Decider." Remember Bush had to coninually affirm that he was the "Decider"? He that do protest too much....anyone? He was actually revealing that he didn't decide jack shit. Same goes for Obama, although OBama appears more credible because he is playing to the perceptions of a different target audience...one not as easily fooled, but still fooled, nonetheless.

    Presidents these days are pulled from a bullpen when their particular crafted traits fit the basic theme of the manifesting Zeitgeist. They are purely symbolic figures used to serve as a public face of an operation so vast, no single human could ever conceive of managing it. They are cheerleaders and pitchmen for the Plutocracy, pretending to be of, for and by the people, when in fact they are stooges for the real power behind the curtain. The most powerful vested interests the earth has ever witnessed are not going to allow those interests be decided by the whims of a moronic spoiled brat son of a former president, or a Junior Senator from Illinois who came out of nowhere and no one knows anything about.

  5. Well, I guess it's likely we will never know the truth, about what motivates Obama...and many other things. Of course, if I wanted to believe that Obama has been threatened into submission, I could take Michelle's plane diversion to be a warning - but no, I'm not going there!

    (just kidding!)

  6. Lovely video, Gail.

    As a recovering Obamaphile, I agree with Morocco Bama's points. I've gone full circle and see Obama, my one time hero, as evil.

    Obama's bamboozled many which makes him more dangerous than a Dick Cheney. We knew where Dick was coming from. Obama still talks 'liberal' out one side of his mouth. It gets confusing and the media is no help. The media is compliant to the corporatist way.

    Biggest news of the morning... Michelle Obama's airplane came within 3 miles of a cargo plane... oh my, such horrors to start off my day (to be clear, that was sarcasm, and I wish M.O. no harm, but a long peaceful life).

    I'd rather have the media telling us that Obamacare is a 20 year old GOP-Republican plan that serves the insurance corporations and not the working class. I'd rather have the media tell me Wall St reform did nothing to protect the citizen's skin that is in the game. I'd rather have the media tell us we're at a tipping point for Earth's ecosystem.

  7. And now for another episode of This Is Not Good.


    Special Report: China set to unearth shale power

    China has spent tens of billions of dollars buying into energy resources from Africa to Latin America to slake the unquenched thirst for fuel from its growing industry and burgeoning cities.

    But China may have more energy riches under its own soil than policy makers in the world's second-largest economy ever dared imagine.

    Just over a year ago, Beijing awakened to a technology revolution that has unlocked massive reserves of gas trapped within shale rock formations in the United States.

    Once deemed too costly to extract, shale gas has turned around U.S. dependence on foreign gas imports. Just a few years ago, the United States was building scores of expensive facilities to import liquefied natural gas (LNG), looking at booming long-term demand forecasts and wondering which countries would supply the huge volume of imports it needed.....

    China's confidence has been bolstered by a new report of its estimated reserves of shale gas, which shows them to be, by far, the largest in the world.

    I hate to say this, but we're so freakin doomed. The hole just keeps getting dug deeper and deeper.

  8. I wish I could watch this video but it seems to be available only in Canada


    Cameron on the tar sands, which are HUGE.



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