Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hide The Decline

I was reading a post at Greefyre's wonderful blog, about the fabulist denier Judith Curry, where I happened across a video linked to in comments, which is embedded below.  It's a lecture by Richard Muller, in which he attempts to use the famous divergence of tree-ring data as a proxy for temperature from real temperatures measured by actual thermometers to discredit climate scientists personally and their research in general.  (I disagree completely, but rather than get into why, I would direct you to Greenfyre's subsequent response to the video.)
I'm busy with a wedding, okay?  I went to the florist's yesterday with first daughter for a mock-up of the tall candelabra centerpieces, and her bouquet - oh, it's going to be gorgeous!
So, back to trees...Having read of the 'hide the decline" controversy, I have noted many times that the divergence is an obvious indication that tree growth is being stunted by ozone.  This, however, is the first time I have ever seen these graphs.  They represent quite stunning vindication, in my opinion.  Below is a screenshot of the familiar graph of rising temperature with the tree ring data removed - after it began to diverge decades ago.
And the screenshot below shows only the tree ring data.  Just, wow.  Something caused tree growth to drastically diverge from the known temperature rise, and why scientists are so indifferent to the cause is a complete mystery to me.
Here's the entire video, if you can stand to watch it.


  1. It looks like fall in my yard again, but instead of covered with fallen leaves, twigs from last year's new growth and pieces of bark as big as my hand, cover the ground. And more dead limbs have been revealed as the leaves of summer don't fill in the canopy. How many more years can these 150 year old white oaks take this pollution?

  2. Great info, things are really crazy no doubt about it...
    I was wondering what you knew of this Arborvitae plight that seems to have ravaged Central Jersey this past year (I lost 8 healthy 7 year olds, but see much worse in many other places)...
    I originally thought it was do to the drought last Summer...hmmm...

  3. The real decline that is being hidden is the decline in the intelligence within the science community. Besides you, who else is asking why the tree ring data diverged - and why there are so many other anomalies in tree growth studies - and so on. Even smart guys like Romm and Hanson are so fixated on CO2 and the greenhouse effect that they've completely lost sight of the bigger picture - all of the systemic implications for the planet's entire ecology from heat, aerosols, VOCs, weather, tectonics . . . The climate science community has become to science what the Republican Party has become to rational thought.

  4. Transcend, if you look around, you'll see it's not a blight confined to arborvitae. Boxwood, holly, white pines, hemlocks and the native cedars are all turning brown. It's very sad. I noticed it in 2008 and thought it was drought at first. But since the same problem is visible in young plants being watered in nurseries, that cannot be the primary cause, plus, it's not confined to the Garden State - I've seen trees and shrubs dying all over the country. It's the caustic soup in the atmosphere.

  5. Catman, you need to go back to Greenfyres and leave the link!

  6. I left the link but the software didn't anyone to want to see it. No links allowed.

    More Earth Fail Warnings
    Earth Fail Warnings

    on the YouTube search box will get 'em. They just won't be first.

    There's a fellow around here, John Miley, who actually has played music with Robert Fripp.

  7. Weird, I just tried to leave the link but it got eaten too - other comments have links, though!

  8. Solar panels are losing efficiency...
    30 - 50% (depending on location) in the last 7 years.

    The chemtrail soup is getting thicker and blocking out more and more sunlight.

    Incidence of rickets is up, as well.

    Do plants get rickets?

  9. Plovering, you have to wonder when you read something like this geoengineering insanity:

    His solution to climate change is to dim the sun even further!

  10. Medicine has long known that the more silver in the body, the healthier the body.

    Still, we get research like this:

    Big Pharma never rests.

  11. Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

  12. Plovering! Behave! The birthers will just have to find some other way to call him a nigger, since that's not polite anymore.

  13. Earthquake Insanity.

  14. Isn't rickets associated with a Vitamin D deficiency ? I 'met' one woman who was so afraid of ozone depletion she wouldn't go outside for fear of it ! Meanwhile we have an Indian who claims Sun baths allow him to go without food.
    I read a Reader's Digest Condensed Book about Florence Nightingale as a boy. Her work in the Crimean conflict was cited as saving countless lives. Sunlight - the natural disinfectant - was plentiful in her wards in a day when bleeding with leeches was standard for doctors. The same for fresh air - which avoids indoor smog and problems like mould buildup and diseases/germs which thrive in a high moisture environment.
    I seem to even recall a note that chemtrails are blocking the wavelenth of light which is necessary to health.

    When I first heard Al Gore's proposal my reaction was startlement. was on my bookshelf. Now Larry may be an absolutely wild author, but his work has always been in the Campbell tradition of real science, so I was curious about such an anomaly.
    I ran a Search - and my eyes flew open wide.
    I have researched the NPT and Iran ever since Russia and Global warned of war with Iran over the same grounds as Iraq - which was a fraud - ever since Aug 2006 for Global when I ran across their report on deployment of forces in the Persian Gulf and the strategic considerations. The following February Russian intelligence was so alarmed that they predicted imminent war with Iran !
    Lo and behold : LaRouche had cached an article in their stacks relating systemic misrepresentation of nuclear power generation via low level enrichment as equivalent to weapons tech. Huh. That's comparing 20% to 90% - and getting there isn't simple.
    And what had that to do with climate ? It was a linked representation right in with the other lie !
    Well. I had to look. And sure enough, I discovered CASMII was on the right track and the NPT TRAP was true. Japan just learned how true of late.
    So that's why I started satisfying my curiosity as to 'what was out there'. After I had made my first post outlining this Dec 1 2009 Dr. John v. Kampen, a Spanish physicist and science writer ( ) with whom I have quipped for years ( I'm also ) put in his two cents worth with a post and links to YouTube videos by Lord Monckton.
    So I'm still collecting information and discover a trove at Global and more at CFACT - which Sourcewatch debunks as industry controlled.
    By now I have a clear picture of a political football. It is made even more so by use of Logical Fallacy to 'debunk' 'deniers'.
    Matters have continued to develop. is my latest review - and I consider it damning. So much so that I feature Lord Monckton's video outlining the fraud in my notes in the left column of my blog.


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