Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"A Perfect Storm"

Morocco Bama left a link to this incredible segment in comments.  I had no idea there was reporting of this caliber on the teevee.  KUDOS to msnbc!  It makes you wonder how anyone can possibly deny climate change.  Oh, and the BP ad, if it appears, is one of the most outlandishly blatant pieces of propaganda imaginable.  Positively Orwellian.


  1. Just a little more upbeat, this is about the power of words. (Wish I'd have listened more to Garrison Keillor about the power of an English Degree!)

  2. UV Index 12 in Florida. I've never seen a UVI that high before.

  3. Wow! I didn't know about that UVI tracking map.

  4. I picked my mother up today to take her to the Ophthalmologist and I noticed she had what looked like a sunburn on her neck. She had not been out in the sun....she never goes out of the house except when I take her to her many doctor's appointments or shopping or over to our place for a weekend of good food and company. There was a part that was white as though she had something around her neck when the apparent "burn" took place. It's bizarre. Who knows, maybe it's Fukushima.

  5. How about an ozone tracking map.


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