Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rush Limbaugh is a Pig Without Lipstick

I have never listened to or watched Rush Limbaugh in my life but given the two earlier posts about, shall we say, exceptional Americans, I think there's enough of a trend here that it's worth noting, with the most immense disgust and contempt I can muster, just how low a certain element in this country has sunk.


  1. More staged propaganda:

    Notice how Chris calls and Rush just happens to have a sound bite cued up to help Rush make his 'point'? Chris is, no doubt, a well placed tea bagger from Indiana. Does Rush still take real calls?

    Kook brothers funded.

  2. I noticed that too. Rush didn't take even a nano-second to think about a response before he started blabbing. It had to have been staged.


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