Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tsunami Haiku

I haven't forgotten about the trees, all dying faster and faster, from toxic air pollution.  Right now, though, it would be unseemly to talk about their agonizing slow death when in Japan, there is such a terrible, immediate and worsening crisis.  A Haiku:
Mother's Shuddering Womb Turned Tomb -
Tsunami's Deathly Tongue Eclipsed Multitudes, Deluged
Hope -
Search, Hearth, Resuscitate Shattered Souls!

- written by the poet Shyam
I don't know why exactly, but all this brings a song to mind:


  1. Oddly enough the night it happened I had a dream where I was stopping in Japan. Is the radiation likely to be a mass casualty event? When this Japan stuff is over we need a viral video or something about O3.

  2. I keep asking filmmakers to do one but no takers yet. Next I will write the director of Wasteland - check it out on google.

    I have bad dreams every night. Like trying to drag my daughter out of a burning house. Too soon to say how bad the radiation will be but a couple of things are widely agreed upon:
    1. the Japanese government is not being very forthcoming or informative. This could be because they are deliberately concealing information to avoid panic - or they could just be overwhelmed by the quake and tsunami.
    2. it doesn't look good. The attempts they are making to control the meltdowns are acts of desperation.

    Check out the ComingCrisis, they seem to have some of the most up-to-date stories,

  3. great mother abyss
    devouring myriad bodies
    vortex well of soul


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