Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Koch Kills on the Ed Show!

Wit's End banner was on the teevee!!!  Here's the screen shot, at 35 seconds in...
After a commercial and some brief clips, Ed leads into the "Crying Kochs" with "...poor little rich boys, the Koch brothers, don't like all the negative publicity...get used to it, fellas - just like your refineries, politics is a dirty business!"  The Wit's End post on the Weakly Standard interview with the Kochtopi is here.  Below is the quick clip that has the shot of the Koch Kills banner.

Here's the full segment, including an interview with Robert Greenwald about his series of web videos, soon to be launched at kochbrothersexposed.com:


  1. You are so vanguard !

  2. http://kochbrothersexposed.com/

    has a poll which, if you take, will get you a free subscription to their upcoming videos.

    They list 5 bad things the Koch Brothers have done and ask for others to be considered

    The Worst Thing The Koch Brothers Have Done.

    The comments certainly outdo anything I'd ever come up with.



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