Thursday, March 10, 2011

Watts Up With That!

Gail Zawacki says:
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First let me say I am thrilled to have been linked, albeit by second-hand, to WUWT, the premiere denier blog in the US of A. Usually everything I have to say is ignominiously ignored – by climate scientists, climate activists, and deniers alike. So it’s really special to be singled out for notice, whether for ridicule or serious recognition.
I thought I should step in to clear up some misunderstandings expressed here by some commenters.
1. Wonkette is SNARK. In other words, the headline is not making fun of Dr. Hansen, it’s making fun of…oh, never mind.
2. Climate Zombies is a fairly specific term that refers to the outright deceptions, distortions, and lies of omission that are repeated over and over by climate deniers, whether professional (paid by industry) or amateur hobbyists – in spite of the fact that said bunk has been thoroughly and technically demolished by legitimate scientific sources, again and again. Like zombies, they rise from the dead.
3. Please send more traffic and stupid comments to my blog. As ecosystems collapse all around, such distractions are terrifically amusing to me, and I could use the humor.


  1. oh yeah - In fact I had a couple of supportive responses - "splendid snark"!


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