Monday, March 14, 2011

RAGE - I'm just furious!

Tonight I was listening to On Point, a program on NPR.  The topic was the horrific situation in Japan.  The first part, a discussion with Coco Masters on location, her voice trembling with controlled emotion, is worth listening to.

If I hear one more person say that the Japanese can manage just fine, I'm going to start raving.  I've transcribed the part of that broadcast which made me so angry, below - which is followed with worse interviews, a bumbling, rambling, stumbling avoidance from nuclear apologists Jim Walsh of MIT, and Alex Marion, VP of Nuclear Operations for the Nuclear Energy Institute, both of whom poohpooh any dangers to public health.  But, it's really worth paying attention to this:

Here's what I heard from David Sanger of the NYTimes, when asked about the prospects for Japan:

"On the recovery - you know - I've spent years living in Japan and I would say that the resilience of the Japanese people is pretty remarkable.  You see a lot of elderly...what you are struck by is the fact that these are the same people who in their much younger days saw Japan rebuild from the firebombing and Hiroshima & Nagasaki - so at the beginning of their lives and toward the end of their lives...they have seen this process before - and you go through Japanese cities that were firebombed during WWII  - and you wouldn't know it and so in some ways tragic as this is, it's also a great opportunity for Japan to rebuild yet again."

YEAH.  He said that.  It's a great opportunity.

Would he have said that had a similar disaster hit San Francisco or LA or NYC?

Uh, I really doubt it.  But given how corrupted the media and government are, perhaps it's all part of the plan.


  1. The shameful coverage by the MSM is horrible.

    Hidden in the delivery of news - I think - is that there have now been 5 explosions at various nuclear plants in Japan.

  2. recent post seen at youtube:

    @BulgarianInCanada Yes ! and where the fuck are the American physicists or Russians...or any who can help this situation ? Our government in the states is the first to butt into affairs where they can profit. Can they not tear themselves away from robbing the American people to aid Japan with this global disaster >>>>>>>>> since these f-ing elites want a GLOBAL community !!!!!! Where the hell are they ~!!!!
    RenegadeTimes 49 minutes ago 4

  3. So I guess 9-11 was an opportunity for NYC to rebuild, too. And golly, our desecration of Iraq is just a chance for them to rebuild their country, with our trillions of dollars.
    This NPR bull is comparable to Palin's (in)sincere hope that japan will be rebuilt 'swiftly and completely.' Yeah, it only took them 50 years to recover from the last nuclear attacks.

  4. Yes, this is tragic, another generation of Hibakusha will be created, and not just in Japan, before the first generation of Hibakusha has passed. This reporter's perspective of the Japanese people is seriously flawed, not to mention arrogant and condescending. There is no such thing as the "Japansese people" anymore than there is a notion of the "American people." It can't be described in monolithic terms in order to fit into a nice tidy theory validating one's projected perceptions of the world at large.

    Here is a link to a wonderful documentary about the Hibakusha.......meaning Bomb Survivors. Many don't know that these people have not been treated well in Japanese society. The atomic bombing of Japan was a great embarrassment for the Japanese power establishment, and so any reminder of it was treated with at worst scorn, and at least, indifference. There are many youth living in Nagasaki today who when queried, have no idea that an atomic bomb was dropped on their city. Amazing. I don't call that a healthy way of dealing with the past, and we all know that if you don't learn from history, by virtue of not even knowing history, you are doomed to repeat it.

  5. Listen to what this odious scumbag had to say about the Japan earthquake. This guy should be sent as part of a team required to spray the melting fuel rods with garden well as the entire U.S. Government....hell, while we're at it, how about most Government's everywhere. Get in there guys, and win one for the Gipper. Good luck.

  6. Yes, he, and David Sanger should be forced to resign in disgrace. Instead we get a massacre at NPR because someone there spoke the truth for a change and then had their comments distorted!

  7. But what else can you expect from a world where this gets barely a mention:

  8. Robert Moses probably would have approved this method of urban renewal had he had the means.

    Expect the price of scrap steel and aluminum to plummet in the short term as supply exceeds demand.

  9. He was suicided by gang stalkers working for the Status Quo. They don't like whistle blowers.

  10. Here's how they work. Very proficient.

  11. I forgot about that movie! I will have to watch it again now that I am enlightened.


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