Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Romance

These hysterically funny videos are linked to at PolluterWatch, a great resource from Greenpeace.  It's essential to learn the names of these cretinous assholes, and to follow the connections between corporate criminal executives, and their petty lobbyists and traitorous "experts", and their fawning minions in government - both elected and appointed - to understand how irreparably corrupt this country's economic and political system has become.  Especially at the top.  The components - banksters, polluting industries, and government - are inseparable.


  1. I LOVE Greenpeace.

    These are HILARIOUS and AWESOME. I must go donate now.

  2. ...and yet, there must be something about Greenpeace that I don't trust.

    I just can't ever seem to do it. DONATE, that is.

    The way I feel about PETA---and always have.

    Some help here?

  3. tsisageya -

    Do you need help in figuring out HOW to donate or WHETHER to donate?

    I tried 4 times this morning to make a breakfast donation to OccupyWallStreet but none of the cafes listed on chat even knew about the protest so I gave up.

  4. Thank you Gail for being so charitable toward my ambivalence.

    I'm just feeling things "real time" tonight.

  5. Here is a free movie about ELF for you, if you like:

  6. Before I change my mind (which I could), I say that I abhor violence brought about by HUMANS. All of our problems are brought about by HUMANS bringing about violence.

    I'll try to finish watching the video in the days to come.

  7. Perhaps our faith will save us.


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