Sunday, September 25, 2011


The New York Times ran a patronizing and snarky story about Occupy Wall Street, mocking the protesters who are, let's admit it, a motley crew.  But I guess yesterday will make them reconsider just a little, because the march from Zuccotti Park at noon, around Wall Street and then up Broadway and Fifth Avenue, spilled over the sidewalks and literally took over streets, while police tried in vain to confine the burgeoning crowd.  At times they looked like the keystone cops in their clumsy attempts to keep traffic flowing, and then, in fear and fury, they attacked.  Honestly, it was terrifying.  The video I took (note the dying trees!) ends when I barely snuck through the kettling, a tactic used in Europe that the NYPD is learning on the fly, just before dozens were arrested.  It turns out there is one situation where wrinkles and grey hair are an advantage.


  1. Good flick, Gail!

    Get this idea out to others:

    Use facial recognition software (you know the cops and feds already are using facial recognition software to ID demonstrators)use it to to ID NYPD officers for LATER USE in lawsuits, lots of lawsuits!

    Tell Bloomberg to call off his goons. What they are doing now is not working and will not work if people are willing to demonstrate. The police will look so bad all over the world EXCEPT on MSM.


  2. When young men are fighting for peace the world over, the first order of business, according to the manifesto, is to keep women quiet and placid on the home front.

    The Powers That Wannabe FUBAR awakening women to the joys of anarchy.

  3. From
    I learn that the defense for kettling is to call for reinforcements to surround the police line that is kettling in the original demonstrators.

  4. Stop paying taxes...period.

    If they don't have taxes, the government does not function, and these disgraceful individuals, amongst others, will be out of a job.

  5. Msmbc gets it right:



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