Friday, September 23, 2011

Mariel Moshiri Has Her Say

Comment left 9/22, at 10:56 pm, to an earlier post, at which Anon had claimed she probably deserved to be arrested:

This is Mariel Moshiri.

I literally stood there and got arrested for just being there. There are plenty of videos where you can see me just standing near the boy in purple (Eric) who was arrested with me.

The only reason I was accused of resisting arrest was because I put my left hand behind my back after my other hand started turning purple. I didn't wiggle it around.. The plastic cut off my circulation by itself. Fibromyalgia also causes blood circulatory problems and I told the police this.

This is what I said: "I will cooperate with anything you want me to do, I will go anywhere you want me to go, I will allow myself to be arrested..But please take this plastic cuff off because I have a blood circulatory problem and am losing feeling in my hand." I cooperated as much as possible and stayed calm at all times, except when I had uncontrollable panic attacks and was uncontrollably crying in my cell.

I was nowhere near the tarp, and the only reason the cops jumped on me was because I accidentally touched a cop who was in white.

I am in college and my professor understands about what happened to me. I am too smart to be in high school you fucking stupid anon. I left high school because I am more intelligent than 90% of the people my age.

The only reason Eric and I were held longer than the others who were arrested, was because we both had health issues and made complaints about being hurt, not being able to breathe, etc. If I had not complained of my medical condition, they may have let me go earlier.

I was taken to Belleview because at one of the prisons they saw cuts on my arms and one cop screamed "SHE'S SUICIDAL!" even though I repeatedly said I was not. They had to clear me at Belleview. I was admitted to that hospital, but was refused a bed.

They told my family that I had the opportunity to make a phone call at any time, which was not true. I was lied to and denied a phone call everywhere I went. My family had no idea where I was for many hours. I barely even knew where I was!

At the first presinct, I was denied food, water, and medicaiton. If I do not take my medication for that many hours, I could have a seizure. I went through withdrawal from my medication called Tramadol(Ultram) during my imprisonment. Withdrawal from that drug is similar to heroin withdrawal.

I DID cooperate back at the station you fucking asshole! I cooperated more than anyone else!

The important thing is, I am out and I am ready to sue for everything the NYPD has.

The conditions I was put in were disgusting. There was puke, rat poo, pee, mice, rats, etc. in the cells. The first cell I was in didn't even have a big enough bench for me to lay on without possibly falling off and getting hurt.

Thank you for the support and for writing this article about me. Spread the word that the NYPD lies and no matter how nice a cop seems, they will still lie to you. It is up to YOU as a prisoner to use your own instincts, cooperate with the police, and take everything they say with a grain of salt.

Thank you for reading this small part of what I went through. There is a lot more to my story. Also, I have PTSD and this whole experience has caused me much mental trauma.

I don't want to live in a world where people have that kind of authority over others. This was suppose to be a peaceful protest, but the only people that made it not so peaceful, were the cops.


  1. God bless you Mariel! Stay strong girl, get your strength back and don't let them keep you down. We know you are a smart, shining star with a lot of heart and strength. We support you. We love you.

  2. Anon left a comment that began this way:

    "Well Gail won't post my other comment. Apparently she's not as big of a fan of free speech as she would purport. Maybe she'll send this on to you though Mariel."

    Let me just point out, asshole, that my blog is not a public street. This is not censorship because you HAVE no right to free speech here. I'm not going to print your vicious attack on a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD KID because she might read it, and even though it is clearly the work of a deranged, self-absorbed, ignorant, grammer-challenged moron, it might upset her anyway, and she has quite enough to be upset about already - and by the way, it was really tacky to bring up 9/11 as though it has any relevance at all...oh wait...are you really Rudy Giuliani?

    9/11 9/11 9/11??

  3. I understand what the blog is. I wasn't talking about free speech in the Constitutional sense. I just mean it in the sense that you're like big media that publishes what they want people to hear and what they don't want people to hear thus directing the discussion as they see fit, with the corporatocracy entrancing us all with the Bread and Circus. You know all about that right?

    Vicious attack? Please, it was a reasoned response, just not the kind of reason you like. A 17 year old who is intelligent enough to go to college should be able to handle it.

  4. I am not the least like big media. I earn NO money writing this blog. It doesn't resemble big media in the slightest - it is more like a diary I have invited people to read. Blogs are manifestly Points. Of. View.

    Corporate media - especially television and radio - has an obligation to report the news fairly because the AIR WAVES are public.

    And you obviously don't have contact with many 17 year olds.

  5. "it was really tacky to bring up 9/11 as though it has any relevance at all"

    Jeebus, no relevance ?!!

    Allah Is Great

  6. Plovering, you had to have read his comment, which was accusing this girl of disrespecting the victims of 9/11 by exercising her right to free speech. It was awful, and in that sense, irrelevant.

  7. This is Mariel again. The articles written by Gail about me have absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. I, in no way, meant to disrespect anyone who had to endure the trauma of 9/11. It is a horrible thing that happened, but it really has nothing to do with my story at all. It doesn't even have to do with Occupy Wall Street! One of the EMTs that helped with 9/11 were at Occupy Wall Street the other day, by the way.

    You people absolutely disgust me. Did you even take the time to look and see what was written about the horrors I had to endure? No. You sat their like selfish pieces of shit, yelling at me about how 9/11 is somehow relevant to my arrest and my story in general.

    Thank you for standing up for me Gail.

  8. Well, I found the horrible post of that disgusting human being who posted on your blog Gail. I feel I must answer his idiotic remarks, so, here goes.

    This is a 2 part message.

    Part 1
    Dear Anonymous,
    That was my first time EVER being arrested. They did not treat me badly because of the way I spoke. I was questioned and kindly refused to answer their questions because they were not relevant to my case, and my lawyer was not there. After that, I was told I had "pissed off the wrong people." probably for not answering the questions and politely requesting an officer screaming at me, to "Please calm down."

    Gail IS an advocator of free speech, but she was keeping that horrible comment from me because I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and am already traumatized by some of the things I've heard and what I experienced during my arrest.

    Do I not have the right to swear? Do I not have the right to free speech as well? You are the one speaking about free speech here... Of course I threatened to sue! They brutalized me! I don't let ANYONE lay a hand on me like that without threatening to sue them. That is who I am, and that is how I operate. I have Fibromyalgia, and the reason I was threatening to sue them, was because they had cut off my blood-circulation and hurt me very badly. I am STILL in pain from the horrible brutalization!

    I was arrested before I started saying anything to any cops. Do your research before accusing me of things that are not true.

    No, I followed what they said at the station because they almost treated me like a human being there. If they had not, then I wouldn’t have cooperated then either. You have absolutely no idea what happened besides what I've said, what Gails said, and from a single video. They didn't let me go simply because I swore at them and threatened to sue. That is not a reason to keep a child in custody for over 24hours. If you had half a brain, you'd realize that.

    I am NOT a hypocrite. I have to use the system, because if not for the system, I'd have to punch a few cops in the face...and where would that get me? The only choice I have is to fight the system from the inside...that is the choice that most people have these days. Actually, it isn't even a choice. I don't necessarily "hate the system", but I DO hate the NYPD.

    Yes, a cop, from what I later found out was called "the tombs", screamed at me that I was suicidal. Why would you doubt a cop would scream that? They are crazy and immoral people. I wouldn't expect much better from the NYPD at all.

    In my head? Um, excuse you, but I am not Schizophrenic, I have PTSD. I do not hallucinate things or tell lies. Everything that I said happened, really happened.

    No, I did not know where I was. They took me to 3 different jails and a hospital. I am from New Jersey and often visit New York, but even my family who originally lived in NY had no idea where I was! I wasn't there for just a day... I had been there for days and again, I often visit NYC for various events. I know my way around the city, but do not know the locations of jails, precincts, and hospitals. A lot of people who don't live in NY don't know those things either.

  9. Part 2
    The NYPD is a horrible fucking department. If you think otherwise, you've probably never had to deal with them at all. This has NOTHING to do with 9/11. 9/11 did not effect me whatsoever. The NYPD put THEIR lives on the line. That's not my fault..

    My "merry band of protestors"? This has become a global event. There are people in Tokyo protesting with us. There are people across the country protesting with us. Occupy Wall Street was the beginning of many occupations across the country & the globe. Do you watch the news or even read a newspaper? Get your facts straight before spewing this filth.

    Uh, no... They did not detain me to make sure they made it home that day. I was arrested at 10:30am, and one officer had to be with me for about 18+ hours. He got home at a ridiculous time. Detaining me just caused him to have to do more paperwork and stay at his job later without extra pay. Do you think that that officer enjoyed that? NO!

    There are almost no rights provided to me by our legal system. If I had rights, then why would they have arrested me for standing near another persons arrest? Why would they have corralled 700 people into a spot on the Brooklyn Bridge and arrested me there? If I had rights, why was I denied food, water, necessary medication, a bathroom, etc. while being detained?

    Please, do get off your high-horse and stop acting like you actually know what is going on with the protest or in our country. You have no idea what you are talking about, and I am going to assume that you are delusional, and that you probably have a mental disability of some sort.

    How about you get your head out of your ass, then get off your ass, get off the computer, and stand up for something you believe in. OR, keep hiding behind the safety of your computer and of the name Anonymous, and continue to harass young women who have been brutalized and mistreated by the NYPD. NYPD, the worst police department in the entire fucking country (in my opinion.)

    I am assuming you are years older than I, yet you are acting like a child, and in fact harassing a child. Age does NOT mean that you are in some way more mature than I. Because that is obviously NOT the case. You DON'T know me, so stop acting as if you know me and know what happened during my detainment and arrest.



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