Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mariel is Missing

A 17 year old New Jersey Bergen Community College student, Mariel Moshiri, was arrested in Zuccotti Park yesterday at the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan.  Her mother, Nicole Busch, has been unable to speak to her since the police took her into custody.  It is believed that she appears in the video embedded below, at 4 minutes in.

According to Lt. Speechley of the NYPD, the record indicates that she was charged for being disorderly, refusing to move, and resisting arrest.  He said that ordinarily prisoners would only go to a hospital in the event they were determined to be emotionally disturbed or injured.

In a phone conversation, Mrs. Busch said in spite of denials that Mariel is in custody and lies indicating she would be released yesterday, she has new information that her daughter was brought to Bellevue Hospital and handcuffed to a chair for 11 hours overnight; was then transferred to the 20th precinct at 6:30 this morning; and will be brought back to the 1st precinct for arraignment between noon and 1 pm this afternoon.  In addition to the rather obvious concern any mother would have in such circumstances, she added that Mariel suffers from severe Fibromyalgia.

Lt. Speechley said that after her arrest, Mariel would have been turned over to the Corrections Department, but the number he gave for them is constantly busy.  As I get further information I will update this post. [Update:  I tried a different number - for the press - and spoke to Sharman Stein.  She says the Department of Corrections has no record for Mariel Moshiri.]  Heh, if I just disappear, you'll know why:


  1. Keep us updated and I will help spread the word. A lot of people are concerned.

  2. Mariel is free! It took forever because they kept moving her from location to location and did absolutely nothing to notify her family about where she was, but she is now free.

    She was denied her medications during the majority of the process. One correction--she was not handcuffed to a chair at Bellevue for 11 hours. She was at First Precinct for 11 hours, then transferred to Central then to Bellevue for several hours and handcuffed to a chair, then transferred to 20th precinct, then back to Central. She was given no medication at all and was given a faux phone to make her alleged "one phone call" and it turned out the phone would only call NYC numbers. Her family is in NJ so that was no help at all.

  3. Thanks for the update - I did post that she got out - her mother called me from the car on their way home.

    Her mother was the source for the handcuffed to a chair part - I don't know who told her that, however.

    When you don't have the facts, the worst becomes imaginable. As a mother my heart went out to her. The police have been behaving inexcusably poorly. There is no reason for them to treat protesters like dangerous armed criminals.

    I hope they are held accountable, and whoever up the chain of command who is allowing/permitting their unprovoked attacks.

  4. She seemed like such an angel in that video. I wonder why she was the one arrested. I'm sure she was so cooperative back at the station!

  5. Anon, I gather that is supposed to be snark. Here is an account of what happened to her:

    There is no reason to cooperate with police interfering in the Constitutional right to free speech other than cowardice. I admire her.

  6. If you don't want your hands to go blue don't act in a way that will get you arrested. The cuffs are designed to restrain you not to let you wiggle free and harm yourself or someone else. I'm sure she's a great kid but the cops don't have the liberty to assume that. Thousands of other people acted in a way that did not get them arrested, she clearly had to stand out in order for it to happen. Sounds to me that trained professionals saw marks on her wrists and attempted to help her. Can you imagine the law suit if she had harmed herself in their custody? Will she be suspended by her school for skipping, I assume she must be in school.

  7. She's a college student. You obviously are just talking shit without bothering to do any reading or investigating.

    I can assure you that it's quite typical for those handcuffs to be extremely uncomfortable and too tight. Try spending just a half hour with your hands tied behind your back and see for yourself. The weight of the unnatural position is enough to make marks without any attempt to "wiggle free".

    The cops have no reason whatsoever to treat a 17 year old girl at a peaceful demonstration like she is a dangerous criminal or a threat to them. It's ludicrous.

    They also would not allow her a phone call, which is despicable.

  8. This is Mariel Moshiri.

    I literally stood there and got arrested for just being there. There are plenty of videos where you can see me just standing near the boy in purple (Eric) who was arrested with me.

    The only reason I was accused of resisting arrest was because I put my left hand behind my back after my other hand started turning purple. I didn't wiggle it around.. The plastic cut off my circulation by itself. Fibromyalgia also causes blood circulatory problems and I told the police this.

    This is what I said: "I will cooperate with anything you want me to do, I will go anywhere you want me to go, I will allow myself to be arrested..But please take this plastic cuff off because I have a blood circulatory problem and am losing feeling in my hand." I cooperated as much as possible and stayed calm at all times, except when I had uncontrollable panic attacks and was uncontrollably crying in my cell.

    I was nowhere near the tarp, and the only reason the cops jumped on me was because I accidentally touched a cop who was in white.

    I am in college and my professor understands about what happened to me. I am too smart to be in high school you fucking stupid anon. I left high school because I am more intelligent than 90% of the people my age.

    The only reason Eric and I were held longer than the others who were arrested, was because we both had health issues and made complaints about being hurt, not being able to breathe, etc. If I had not complained of my medical condition, they may have let me go earlier.

    I was taken to Belleview because at one of the prisons they saw cuts on my arms and one cop screamed "SHE'S SUICIDAL!" even though I repeatedly said I was not. They had to clear me at Belleview. I was admitted to that hospital, but was refused a bed.

    They told my family that I had the opportunity to make a phone call at any time, which was not true. I was lied to and denied a phone call everywhere I went. My family had no idea where I was for many hours. I barely even knew where I was!

    At the first presinct, I was denied food, water, and medicaiton. If I do not take my medication for that many hours, I could have a seizure. I went through withdrawal from my medication called Tramadol(Ultram) during my imprisonment. Withdrawal from that drug is similar to heroin withdrawal.

    I DID cooperate back at the station you fucking asshole! I cooperated more than anyone else!

    The important thing is, I am out and I am ready to sue for everything the NYPD has.

    The conditions I was put in were disgusting. There was puke, rat poo, pee, mice, rats, etc. in the cells. The first cell I was in didn't even have a big enough bench for me to lay on without possibly falling off and getting hurt.

    Thank you for the support and for writing this article about me. Spread the word that the NYPD lies and no matter how nice a cop seems, they will still lie to you. It is up to YOU as a prisoner to use your own instincts, cooperate with the police, and take everything they say with a grain of salt.

    Thank you for reading this small part of what I went through. There is a lot more to my story. Also, I have PTSD and this whole experience has caused me much mental trauma.

    I don't want to live in a world where people have that kind of authority over others. This was suppose to be a peaceful protest, but the only people that made it not so peaceful, were the cops.


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