Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Over

First I got worried about trees. They all looked sickly, or even dead - and that's what led me, much to my detriment, to learn more about climate change than I had dreamed in my worst nightmares could possibly be happening, in my backyard, in the lifetime of myself and my children...and extreme weather, and peak oil, and collapse of the ocean food chain from acidification, and mass extinction, and everything happening much faster than predicted, and, and...

BUT, my torment is over at last, thanks to the eminent Baron von Monckhofen, who has convincingly refuted all of the above, in one sweeping, restorative blogpost, "Decline of Terrible Phytoplankton" - and don't miss his inimitable riposte to a misguided warmalarmist comment!

Thank you Baron, I can stop fretting about the apocalypse now...and so can the US Army, Soldier & Biological Chemical Command!


  1. It's worse than I thought: SBCCOM is using IE7 on Windows XP! My God man, upgrade that machine!

  2. yeah, but now there are multiple visits from totally unidentified sources but all clicking out on the sitemeter!

    Hi, guys!


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