Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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I came across a website that has various discussions going on, and the one that interested me of course is titled, "Early Winter Coming? ...and Food Shortages?" There are quite a few comments from people who are alarmed to see that leaves are falling off trees. Naturally I left a message that the leaves are falling off because the trees are dying, from cumulative exposure over decades to toxic ozone.

Winter isn't coming early! But we will have food shortages, since whatever is going on in the atmosphere is now poisoning annual crops as well. One comment linking to youtube videos led me to discover that there are just loads of them, from all over the country, indeed all over the world. If you search Youtube you can find so many examples, from Germany and England and all over the US. Most people are blaming BP's use of corexit, even people in Europe. Of course, there is no way corexit in the Gulf could be responsible for the identical symptoms on the west coast of the US, or Costa Rica...not to mention, I've been documenting these exact symptoms of foliar damage for well over a year on this blog, long before the oil spill.

Similarly, many people who have realized trees are dying prefer to blame the government for attempting to geoengineer the climate, spraying chemical contrails from airplanes. It is so much more comforting I suppose to blame an isolated oil spill or a secret cabal of conspirators than recognize that our entire, fuel-dependent, industrial lifestyle is not merely unsustainable, but about to come crashing to a horrible end for most species.


I got the same white spots on myplants here in Iowa. Looks the same as your damage...

I have seen alot and lots of leaves on several different trees like you describe your okra leaf, in my coumunioty near niagra falls ontario canada...

same thin happening in michigan...north of wisconson...

I have the same damage on my plants as well, I live in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains...


Just checked my garden, same story, Milwaukee, WI...

Pacific NW hit too. Appears to be global.

Here is a yet another video about damaged leaves, blamed by the narrator on either BP or radiation. From his accent it sounds like he is from Boston - comments about similar impacts are from Oslo, Norway, Wisconsin, Iowa and Lithuania...

This news report of lost seedlings in Australia blames saboteurs for poisoning them with a water-born herbicide, but never says exactly what the evidence of a break-in was, or which chemical exactly was discovered, or why on earth anyone would bother to destroy seedlings!
Anyone who is new to the effects of ozone, and the extensive documentation available, check the link at the top for "Basic Premise" and scientific research...or check out the archives...or leave a comment with any questions. I'm glad that so many people are realizing we have a urgent problem that will require drastic changes in our consumption of energy to address - I'm hopeful that will lead to an understanding of the cause, so we can do something about it before there are no nuts or seeds left. Plants are at the bottom of the food chain. Even people who live in the city cannot survive ecosystem collapse. We are on the brink.


  1. Wow. I found this blog a few weeks ago and I decided to post the link on that website to get it attention that it needs. On that exact same thread!

  2. Hi anon, and thank you! I tracked back on sitemeter which keeps a record of where visits originate - that is how I found your website.

    I keep trying to get people to pay attention to this before it is too late - but there is much resistance.

    I appreciate you putting up the link!

  3. You can do that? cool! This I feel is important and I hope people pay attention.

  4. Although tree and foliar damage have been evident for decades, it seems that the effects of ozone and other pollution have become more pronounced in recent years. Do your investigations show an actual acceleration of damage or just that some perceptual threshold has been crossed where people are starting to take notice? Your blog and others can certainly take credit for increasing the general awareness.

    Lee Rust

  5. Hi Lee! Thanks for commenting. As to your question, I think it is both.

    1. I personally believe there is definitely an acceleration in damage. I have planted hundreds of trees and monitored them carefully because it's a lot of work to dig holes and haul hoses around; and even young seedlings add up to a significant financial investment. I didn't see ANY symptoms on foliage until the summer of 2008. And then it quickly became universal - on trees. Conifers started turning yellow shedding needles in the fall. Since then the leaf damage has become more widespread, more extensive, and includes annual plants.

    2. Because leaves of annuals are affected, more people are noticing because they have them in their gardens; also, the scares surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf and the use of corexit have people looking for effects, and realizing what they are seeing isn't normal. It's possible that corexit and/or oil are damaging ecosystems far beyond the Gulf- but that can't explain the damage before the spill, or in places like California and Seattle, where there are identical symptoms of exposure to atmospheric toxins.

    Please feel free to ask more questions - and check the next post I am almost finished with, tonight or tomorrow - new scientific studies about forest decline are available.



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