Saturday, August 14, 2010

"I knew my Foe; He was my reflection."

Storms swept through Washington DC this week, toppling huge trees like toothpicks, crushing cars and homes. The Post reported that over 100,000 people lost power from downed lines. I have copied some of the many photos from their site below, which you can scroll through accompanied by this fantastic composition from Martin Tillman, Ceremony (the video has clips from Harry Potter - it was the only way to embed the music!)

Note how many of these fallen giants are rotted inside.

Also, their root systems are inadequate to anchor them to the ground.
The roots should extend underground to the width of the crown.
Just as leaves and branches are stunted, so is the root ball.

It's very clear in this photo that the tree had branches missing leaves.

After years being deprived of nutrients the wood becomes brittle.

The people who sustained property damage should sue the energy companies for the effects of their greenhouse gas emissions on vegetation.

Notice how thin this pine tree is.

The trees still standing adjacent to the one that fell have transparent crowns.

Why have so many individuals and professional news photographers posted dozens of photos of fallen trees?

Because, it's abnormal and extraordinary!!!!!

Nevertheless, the authorities continue to blame high winds exclusively.

In all the horror of the wildfires in Russia, there is buried this tragedy: "The area around St. Petersburg, meanwhile, was hit by a violent storm. Seven people, including two children, were killed by falling trees."

The authorities and the press also blame heat and drought - or maybe lightening or arson - for the forest fires which are raging all over the world, ignoring the fact that the fires are exacerbated by dead trees and brush.

The following photos are from an article about outbreaks in Portugal:
There is never a lack of ignorant articles in the NYTimes...this one - about the inadequate European government efforts to prepare for the anticipated season of wildfires - doesn't even mention the role of climate change...let alone ozone!
Trees are now burning in the Olympic Peninsula:
and no wonder - as photographed on my trip there last month
the trees are dried out tinder waiting for any spark to turn them into flaming torches.
The plume of smoke is even visible from far-off Seattle.
Local teevee has a video - and thanks as always to RPauli for the link.

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  1. Gail,

    Thanks for your wonderful posts... I had not heard about the Washington DC storms. And would not have noticed had you not posted.

    But I did just read an interesting factoid about weather: that moist air is lighter than dry air. It has to do with the atomic weights of the elements (H2O is lighter than N that it displaces)...this means that if both wet and dry air were the same temperature, that the lower level moist air would rise up through the upper dry air. Thunderstormism. I thought it was all temp based... but the increased water vapor now - from global warming... Water vapor is a major greenhouse gas. This means increased upwelling. More storms. More energetic storms. Not just hotter temps, but more storms.

    Sigh. everything is lessons. Lessons not learned will be repeated.

    Thanks for all that you do.


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