Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Slight Glimmer of Hope?

This tree was taken down recently, just across from the banks in Oldwick. A bit rotted in the center?
Oh and my my, just happens to be coated with a lichen. I wonder if this tree, across from the Post Office, has a similar interior?
Along Black River Road, these pines that were planted for privacy aren't doing their job - although it's certainly not their fault.
They are typical of conifers everywhere, that are becoming brown, yellow, thin, and ultimately of course, bare. Whatever is causing them to trend in this direction isn't about to lessen unless we humans, who are dumping 90 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere EVERY DAY, and who knows how many other companion toxins, STOP IT!!!
And yet, even after severe cold, the hydrangea buds are swelling. The will to survive is so potent, in every form of life. How horrid if in our blindness we destroy so much.
This report about turning CO2 into a fuel using bacteria (!), found at Apocadocs, is the only ray of hope I have seen since I was first jolted out of my complacency and realized that climate change is going to end civilization, and quite likely rather soon, if we don't make a radical shift. I think is is still too late to stop serious sea level rise, because the melting at the poles has begun and will continue in its positive feedbacks. But maybe if we get smart quickly enough, we can stave off globally catastrophic warming, and avoid wars with the people who lose their homes to rising seas or desertification.

This technology however will not address the other greenhouse gases, and their destructive toxicity in the environment. So if there is a chance we may not all perish from runaway greenhouse warming, it makes it more important than ever to understand the effects of ozone, carbonyls, and the disrupted nitrogen cycle on trees and crops, so we will have food to eat while we power our cars with isobutanol.

So I guess I will continue my isolated crusade to point out to as many people as I can reach that we are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem and must stop for our own sakes. This blog is the least of it! I write dozens of letters every week.

Thanks for reading!

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