Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Litany of Woe

A Decade of Climate Change from National Geographic Magazine. And it's not good change, either. And, it doesn't even mention the dying forests of the US Eastern Seaboard, because hardly anybody has noticed, incredible as that seems.

All of my life I have taken such delight and pleasure in the abundance of nature. It has been such a joy to gather wild morels and chanterelles, and so many berries - black raspberries, and mulberries, and strawberries - scrumptious free gifts, from earth. From my window this morning I am watching a deer wander slowly through the woods on the hill above Wit's End and I think, soon, the creatures outside - the deer, the bears, the squirrels and opossums and raccoons, will all go mad, because they won't be able to find food.

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