Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ocean acidification

This should be enough to explain why we must stop burning fossil and biofuels!

But just in case it's not, go back to this earlier video.

And while you're at it, take a gander at this stunner - not exactly art imitating reality, but more like disaster movie imitates reality - flabberghastingallidociousness!

Which explains why this ludicrous propostion, to yank CO2 from the atmosphere, assuming that were possible, which it probably isn't, is just a desperate proposal. It would do nothing to save the chain of life in the oceans, which just so happens to be essential for terrestrial life, such as us, people, not to mention plants.

It's just one of many indications of how desperate the scientists have become, and how insanely oblivious the rest of the world is to how dire an emergency we must confront.


  1. As long as biofuels are not grown or processed in a carbon-intensive way, they do not contribute to ocean acidification.

    The CO2 they release when burned will be absorbed elsewhere by the next crop.

  2. Point well taken. I was mixing apples and oranges. The CO2 is acidifying the oceans - the biofuels are acidifying terra firma.

    By the way today I read this link you referred me to from your website: and am trying to find time to read the others!


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