Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

Here's my comment at a post on Climate Progress, awaiting moderation at the's a good summary of my opinion of late. After the holiday, there are a number of scientists I want to contact, who have written unequivocally that atmospheric pollution ultimately (this year?) WILL kill off trees and other plants - but their research is mostly from several years ago.

I intend to ask them what the latest research results are.

It's the end of 2009. My dreams are full of dread for 2010.

Inexpressibly enormous mountains of love to my three daughters - who I love more than I could ever describe!

the comment:

STOP talking about the temperature. Talk about the destructive effects of toxic fossil and biofuel emissions. They are LETHAL to humans, animals, and plants, those on land and those in the sea. This is already well documented and proven - if ignored. You don't need any computer models to demonstrate that burning coal, oil, gasoline, and ethanol KILLS people and animals and fish and plants. Not in the future, or somewhere far away - HERE and NOW. We should scream at the Environmental Prostitution Agency and the Department of Environmental Prostitution and the liars at the USDA and the US Forestry Service and the Department of the Interior, and all the state and local greenwashing agencies who are not fulfilling their missions. Scientists should stop being cowering minions and get over their own denial - they should be telling people that we are destroying our planet at an unbelievably rapid rate and if we don't all want to end up being cannibals, we should reconsider our entire political, social, and economic paradigms. Happy New Year!

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