Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Iconographic Image

Today, I turned rather randomly off the state highway with all the traffic, onto a local and quiet road, where I could pull over and document the condition of the trees. This road is on the east side of Route 206, an obscure old subdivision of rather ordinary, middle-class ranch houses.
Here is my favorite, iconic image. If you sincerely want to see the truth, CLICK on the photo! It is undeniable.
Here is the lichen laden branch.
Here is the peeling bark. From this vantage I just spent a few moments wandering down the street.
Next, I found a large deciduous tree, perhaps an oak?
Voila the trunk.
And a close shot.
Adjacent is a rather dead pine.
And surprise surprise, the bare branches are slathered with lichen!
Next door is a weeping cherry.
Oops, the branches are shedding bark.
And the bark is obscured by festering lichens.
Whatever is preying on trees is not limited to damage on older specimens. This recently planted pine is in horrible shape. And it leads me to speculate, that it can't be cumulative ozone over decades that is to blame for the recent rapid decline of trees. There has to be a new agent active in the mix!
This white pine, and the arborvitae are being gutted by rot.

WHY are these trees dying? Scroll down to the last two most recent posts for a plausible explanation.


  1. The first image reminds me of the tree from Poltergeist. :)

  2. It's incredible, isn't it, that people can pass sights like this every day without pausing to wonder what exactly is going on?!


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