Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Short Version

Everything copied below was found at this post from Market Skeptics:

The USDA is struggling with two competing objectives:

A) The USDA aims to downplay agricultural disasters to prevent panic, food hoarding, and higher prices.
B) The USDA needs to declare disaster areas to offer aid to struggling farmers.

These contradictory objectives make for some interesting disaster declarations.

Updated chart showing ALL USDA Ag disaster areas

The chart below includes presidential disaster declarations as well as disaster declarations issued since November 17.

Conclusion: The USDA is not basing its disaster declaration on the real disasters areas, but on its desire to manipulate public perception. As such, individual USDA releases are nearly useless. The way to figure out how bad problems are is to look at the total number of counties which are considered disaster areas and eligible for low-interest emergency loans.


  1. Checking in from a link, I'm not sure where you are going.
    If you're a global warmer, you should be ashamed of the exposure of the despicable so-called "scientists" who have bought into and sold this stupid crap. Do you realize how great the economic impact can be from psuedo-science from shit-for-brains guys like Al (I have a 20,000 SF mansion and a boat the size of your whole yard Gore?

    Get a life, get a brain. Do you want to live in caves? You will have to kill animals to get their fur to stay warm. Especially since the 1970'-80's next Ice Age might come back. Stop pretending you know things that you don't have a clue about.

  2. I was going to reply to Anonymous but I decided it's so significant, it deserves a separate post on the blog.

  3. "Do you want to live in caves?" anon

    Just as long as I can get Fox News on the TV screen along with Rush and the boys on the radio while gripping my gun and shouting down gays while praying to Jesus and drinking down a Coors, wearing my NASCAR pajamas and getting ready for a Teabagger bonfire of the vanities gathering over at the Wal-Mart parking lot.


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