Saturday, June 19, 2010

WREG in Memphis

I thought I would take a quick peak at WREG, which reported last week that farmers were seeing mysterious damage to crops, to see if there was any followup about leaf test results which were due yesterday - but before I could do a search this story was front and center: "Man Cheats Death in Cordova" !!!
Man Cheats Death in Cordova
The article blames high winds - but the eyewitness implies nothing of the kind! "...Weaver said...'It wasn't even raining...the sun was shining and everything...'"

The comments on the first story about crops are full of completely paranoid speculation - from all over the country - that the government is either covering up peripheral damage from the BP chemical dispersants, or a recent leak from a local industry (neither of which suffice, since people are writing in of similar effects from Utah, California and Connecticut), but most by far blame chemtrails. It seems so unnecessary to postulate an improbable conspiracy when ozone is everywhere, and it has been proven again and again that it is toxic to vegetation.

The things that are interesting about the comments are 1. Clearly, there is widespread damage to vegetation being observed, whatever the cause and 2. People are deeply frightened in an epic, biblical way and 3. There is rampant distrust of government.

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