Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ecosystem Collapse

These pictures are what it looks like. It isn't slow and gradual. Not a whimper - get ready for the bang.
On the move: A massive sand storm hits a village in Golmud in the Qinghai Province. The region is near the edge of the Gobi desert

There is growing evidence that children are born already damaged by exposure to toxins in the environment that their mothers ingested, whether through food, water, or breathing the air.

Every modern youthful malady from ADD to autism to cancer is found to be associated with maternal exposure to pollutants.

We have created a maelstrom of poisonous chemical synergy.

The most ubiquitous and common and unavoidable source of course is from breathing in the atmosphere.

All that hideous oil contaminating the Gulf is merely a more visible manifestation of the exact same, ongoing and perpetual contamination found in the air when the same oil products are burned in cars, trucks, and other equipment.

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  1. "maelstrom of poisonous chemical synergy" -- nicely said.

    Stealing this!


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