Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Melting, Melting!

Here is a tattered pine.
And here is a representative of BALDING syndrome (Bark Atrophy Lichen Decline):
This terrible symptom of poisoning by toxic greenhouse gas emissions is ubiquitous.

Bark is falling off of every sort of tree.
This is a dogwood.
It was pruned over two weeks ago, in a futile attempt to rejuvenate growth - instead, it is leaking fluid.
The lawns are greening, but abnormally slowly, and there are many bare patches plus others that are being replaced by mosses.
Is it possible mosses thrive in high levels of nitrogen, like certain lichens?
I don't know!
But they are mixing together on the ground.
And this, a frighteningly overheated March, has induced hydrangeas to set leaves.
March used to be ridiculed in New Jersey as the month of the "onion grass snow" when wild onion grass would peek above a late snowstorm that melted overnight. Now, there is hardly any onion grass to be seen, never mind snow.
Crows will do relatively better than most,they are omnivorous.

yes, our planet is melting, melting...

And what might be the physical manifestations of that? There is lots of information available about violent storms, extinctions, dead oceans, and desertification.

This blog is my attempt to add observations from my local perspective.

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