Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin and the American Spring

Tuesday's Occupy action at Foley Square was organized to decry NYPD policies, to arrest peaceful demonstrators and to discriminate against the most downtrodden for "stop and frisk".  Speakers representing factions that have been disproportionately targeted - people of color, and the Muslim community - told of the injustice they have experienced.

The class system in America turns poor people into criminals.  Last night's marches around Union Square, where thousands protested the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin, may in hindsight be seen as the moment the American Spring was ignited in earnest.
The Florida police have released recordings of calls to 911 from people who heard him screaming and begging for help just before he was shot, with nothing but skittles in his pocket.  On the third audio in this series, he can be plainly heard.  The story his killer told, of shooting in self-defense, is so transparently false as to be ludicrous, and why the police haven't yet arrested him is unconscionable. [Update:  Travon's parents have set up a petition to the Florida DA to investigate and prosecute the murder of their son, which you can sign here.]

This is video from Tuesday.  The occupiers marched in silence, their hands cuffed, their mouths taped shut.  This Saturday, huge numbers are expected at Liberty Plaza, and for those who can't be there, you can follow it live on Timcast.

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