Friday, March 9, 2012

New Jersey Now Rivals Alaska!!! Thanks, Chris Christie for attacking NavySeal William Brown!

For some time now I've been even more than usually ashamed to be a resident of New Jersey...because my fellow citizens elected a Governor who is one of the more repulsive tools for the ultimate representatives in corporate rapaciousness (you know - those despicable Koch brothers).  But now, Christie has managed to ascend from being merely a blobby, ludicrous, humiliating and mortifying embarrassment to our state - and now aspires to the comedic level of the addled sociopath, Sarah Palin!  Please allow me to present to you, my fatso, fascist leader, Chris Christie!


  1. While disturbing, I think that these kinds of vitriolic outbursts against college students can only harm the GOP politically. After all, even among my neighbors, living in the deepest kind of trailer poverty in Southern Appalachia, the desire to see one's children go to college, fortunately, still remains universal. While it behooves the Koch lapdogs to keep the masses ignorant and angry, few aspire for their children to fall prey to such qualities.

  2. Don't these talking monkeys know that
    Eden has enough to go around?
    Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
    Where there's one you're bound to divide it.
    Right in two.

    Right in Two by Tool
    (complete lyrics)

  3. Is there any compelling scientific evidence suggesting O3 makes you fat and stupid?

  4. As it happens, anon, there is more than a good possibility that it does both. There's a link in this post:

    and I haven't followed up yet, but I did read there is a professor at UCSD who has found a physical connection between oxidative stress due to exposure to pollution and hormonal changes that lead to extreme obesity and diabetes.

  5. Killing Mother,

    Everything the Republicans do these days seems absolutely crazy and self-destructive to me.

    C'est la guerre!


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