Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Occupy For Freedom

I won't embed this video from last Saturday, when a young girl was left convulsing on the ground by the NYPD after they cracked her ribs - but if you want to know why I carried this banner, that incident is why.  Does anyone remember THIS question - What.If.You.Knew.Her?  I was only 16 then - and the stranglehold of the military/industrial/corporate complex, the US exploitation of helpless undeveloped nations, has only intensified since then.  How.Can.You.Run...When.You.Know???
So, I haven't had much time to write about trees dying from air pollution - even though there is much more to report - because I just can't sit idly by while our "democracy" becomes an overtly (as opposed to a quiescent, consumerist) oligarchic, fascist state.  That's moi in the next picture - just above the "n" in resign.  Tomorrow, I hope to get back to writing about ozone...but Saturday, I'll be back at the barricades in the city, for a huge (hope!) protest against the violation of our civil rights.  


  1. I lived in NYC in '68 and '69 and remember that the 911 telephone system was just being put in place.

    Someone wrote some graffiti near 42nd street:

    "911 Dial-a-Beating"

    The system still works.


  2. Plovering I'm not sure this is the comment you meant to leave, the link goes to mail:

    HAARP: Making Earthquakes #101


    I'm surprised you haven't mentioned this!


  3. Rock on! I appplaud your courage...I feel so hopeless. At least I'm in a position where I can help my 7th grades learn about what's happening in the world today.


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