Saturday, March 31, 2012

#Occupy -the Real Revolution Begins... Critical Constituency Rises in Rage!


MANHATTAN, NY- Toys unite - putting aside brand and color to take a stand in support of Occupy Wall Street, invoking their first amendment rights, to say "we will no longer remain silent: toys are people, too". The toys will continue their campaign throughout the month of April and ask that toys across the country and the world stand up to join the toy protest. A large yellow bird, an event organizer, who asked to be referred to as "Big Bird" stated: "After recent events, we realized that we could no longer in good conscience remain silent. Until now we have been afraid to protest. Our faces are highly visible making us recognizable worldwide, but as many activists are targeted for arrests and beaten, including most recently a sixteen year old girl brutally arrested and carried down the street exposed, we see that it is our duty to take a stand for what we believe in and to lend our popularity in support of that cause." A blue furry, self-described "cookie monster", said "I like cookies as much as the next toy. MORE, but what's happening in our economy? Ninety nine percent of the cookies being eaten by one percent of the toys is just wrong. Even to me." Adding, "Hey, do you have any cookies? Some toy already ate ALL the cookies."

When: 11am-2pm, Sunday, April 1st 
Where: F.A.O. Schwarz: 767 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10153 @11am; 
Lego store @ Rockefeller Ctr: 620 5th Avenue at 50th Street; American Girl Store: 609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street @12pm; 
Toys R Us:1514 Broadway at 44th South, New York, NY @1pm.
The toys will be meeting at each location to protest and engage in dialogue. A long nosed elephant, called "Dumbo" another organizer added, "We believe in free speech, the right to express dissent, and to assemble and we will exercise that right in the face of any oppressive and immoral government or regime.  When asked what their primary goals are, a big eared mouse who called himself "Mickey" said, "Our concerns are the same as everyone else's. Economic and social justice, but in addition, toys face challenges others are not aware of. For example, Lego has incredibly sexist policies, often our clothes are made of cotton produced by child labor, and American Girl has taken to phasing out 'aging dolls' in favor of 'newer, fresher faces.' Our goal? To create awareness of these issues, to start a dialogue, and to encourage others to have the courage to step out- that's all folks.  A green hairy animal, going by "Oscar" and claiming to live in garbage cans added, "Look, if we can do it, anyone can and should. It's a question of conscience. After all, who is more well known than us?"

Contact - Revolutionary Games


  1. Bit by bit
    Torn apart
    We never win
    But the battle wages on
    For toy soldiers

    Martika - Toy Soldiers

  2. Wonderful! Happy April Fool's Day to you :)


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