Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupy Freedom - Martin Luther King speaks against Economic Injustice

Dr. King was such an inspirational leader that he posed a real threat to the 1%.


  1. Increasing wealth inequality is despicable and counterproductive for society as a whole, ultimately even for the richest, for whom there will be no escape. However, MLK's quote is no longer relevant. The vanquishing of scarcity was only temporary, and in certain places. We have now so overexploited, overconsumed, and polluted the entire earth - the soils, the air, the fresh water and the oceans - that true scarcity will soon make economic inequality seem like a quaint distinction on an uninhabitable planet.

  2. MLK also opposed the Vietnam War--so he was a DOUBLE threat to the 1%. Too bad so many people have forgotten that, particularly the charlatan who got elected president while purporting to carry King's mantle.

  3. I read that it was when MLK came out against the war the Johnson removed his Secret Service protection. It's pretty obvious what that led to.


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