Thursday, January 5, 2012

An Essential Conversation with Chris Hedges - Brace Yourself!

I want to say thanks to Survival Acres not just for this latest post - a very lengthy but brilliant interview with Chris Hedges - which I found there.  When I first suspected that life as we have known and expected it to be is impossible to sustain, Survival Acres was one of the very first sources of information I found that provided the unvarnished truths about the implications of overshoot...without flinching or sugarcoating reality.   At that time, the admin was already quite fed up with hostile comments from the deniers, so shortly after I began comprehending, he closed the blog.  Finally, after pleas from readers, he resurrected it, but without any comment options.

Much of what he said there made me very uncomfortable, particularly his total cynicism towards the legitimacy of our democracy.  Chris Hedges at around 14 minutes in refers to the "inverted totalitarianism" described in the book, "Democracy Inc" in which we have a surface, benign dictatorship that consists of "manufacturing consent" through our acquiescence to become consumers, enslaved in debt.  Now, especially after Obama's abject surrender to corporate interests, it has become obvious to me that what Admin was articulating about our society and our prospects is harsh...but accurate.

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