Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Alternative in the New Hampshire Primaries - Vermin Supreme!

Lately, I've concluded that there is no point in voting in the US, since corporate fascism has replaced democracy.  However, I may have to revise that opinion.  We'll see how Vermin does in the primary!

seen at the Neverending Audit


  1. We saw Vermin in NH at the St. Anselm's debate. We had no idea who he was on Saturday, so thanks for informing us of his supreme importance and intelligence!

  2. A small grove of Eastern Hemlocks across the road from me and down in a shallow gully is the southernmost extent of the trees.


    But they're probably missing something about ozone and VOCs.


  3. Catman, I haven't had a chance to look into this because I just saw it in comments on another blog, but it's certainly intriguing!

    The book "The Dying of the Trees" by Charles E. Little investigates these trends all across America. When I read it a few years ago (at the same time I was living in NC and the same trends were staring me in the face) it was the first time I had found anyone who noticed the same thing I had, and more. One of the things he reports on is that the hemlock adelgid epidemic might have been caused or at least greatly exacerbated by nitrogen pollution, as experiments show that giving hemlock trees extra nitrogen causes them to concentrate more of it in their needles, which in turn greatly increases the growth rate of adelgid populations. The adelgid was first found in Virginia in the 1950 and considered a minor pest, then three decades later started spreading like wildfire and killing so many trees.


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